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Gravium Wallet 2.0

Gravium Wallet 2.0

is now here!

A new era of Wallets

The launch of Gravium Wallet 2.0 marks the start of a mission striving to be the most friendly wallet in cryptocurrency!

Offering a fresh and optimized layout, faster load and operation speeds, and many tools and features for ease of use.

Modern features while mainting the robust backed of blockchain and the standard open source Gravium daemon.

Try our wallet and see for yourself!

Are we in 1995?

It's finally time to upgrade the core wallets of crypto after years of using old branded QT GUI.

With our restructure, developers can easily create advanced features & updates to the wallet. With our constant improvement, users get the best experience and access to the latest in technology!

Try these feature of Gravium Wallet 2.0!

Filter Transactions

You can filter your transactions by "All", "Received" or "Sent"

Unlock Timer

You can unlock wallet for a certain given time and also at Footer it will show how long the wallet is unlocked.

Good Looking GUI

We're taking GUI very serious to make user experience much better.

Auto Update System

No need to worried if a new version is out. It will ask you if you want to update it. And then? It's done by automatic!

Detailed Masternode

Now you can check much easier by checking last rewards, how much rewards and how many rewards you got from this MN

Masternode Assistance

You can setup Masternode much easier than before. No knowledge needed!

Masternode True Status

The status of Masternode are now correct and not displaying wrongly.

Masternode Auto-Check

With this wallet, it will check if the configurated masternode is all correct and no mistaken were made.

... and even more existing and in development!


Future Features

Easy Wallet Backup System
Different Wallet Management
Insight View Stats
Explorer Intergrated
One Click Miner Intergrated
Auto Masternode Server Installer
Local Blockchain Or Remote Blockchain Choice
Exchange Integrated


Better Overview Section

You surely want to see only important informations at overview. So we deliever that.

And check detailed transactions for more informations.

Better Send Section

Get better views with balance and also from coin control balance.

You can also set amount by max possible amount, to masternode collateral or even to zero.

Thanks to JSON format, adding multiple output addresses is now easier than before.

Better Receive Section

Get better and easier view by directly selecting and listing addresses.

Also it will show which receive address how much GRV you received.

Better Masternode Section

Simpler Settings Section

Better Terminal Section

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