Gravium team would like to showcase our new wallet AUTO-UPDATE feature! Upon opening, your presented the update details and with one click, install the latest wallet version! Never question you’re on the right version with Gravium!

This feature is currently available for Windows users on our newly released Wallet 2.0 not the legacy wallet. We will will be working on other platforms as our next priority!

How do I use this feature?

While we are working on releasing on new platforms, current users on the platform simply need to close and re-open the wallet. During launch, the wallet automatically check to make sure it is on the latest version. You will be presented with a window with details about the update and you can install with one click, or temporarily ignore update.

What happens if I skip a version?

While in few cases a wallet update may be mandatory for your safety and use of fund, however, you can choose to ignore the update. If you ignore, you can re-access the update in the settings.

To do so go to Settings>Release Notes>Clear “ignore this update” cache

After you will be promoted to restart your wallet. Upon opening you will be asked again for the update.

– Gravium Community Team