We are happy to introduce you to a whole new information resource for Gravium! Our new web-page offers a new back-end that allows for quick content editing for users of different skill levels and will allow us to evolve to include advanced and accurate language translations!

While we originally had an open source website, which is good for keeping decentralized, its wasn’t ideal for the average person to provide content to improve the web footprint of Gravium. Our open source website will remain on our Github page, though we will focus our efforts of content updates here, anyone is able to submit updates to the original as well.

This new blog feature will be another way for users to get the latest information on Gravium, and we will keep adding informational pages as needed to keep users informed and help education on how blockchain and Gravium operates. Please visit our social media to give us any feedback you have. Thank you for visiting our page!

The Gravium Community Team

For those who didn’t see it live, here was the original: