Gravium (GRV) is a community driven cryptocurrency ensuring decentralisation by giving power to the voice of individuals. Backed by the security of the latest in ASIC resistant hashing algorithm it is a project that has been engineered specifically for implementation across everyday business and personal transactions. With low transaction fees and 1-minute block times, you will have your funds available anywhere and anytime.

An integrated network of nodes ensures a safe and effective transfer of funds anywhere in the world

The latest ASIC resistant X16r algorithm, ensuring GRV will stay decentralised

Gravium is supported by multiple layers of security including both mining and masternode support

Instant Send transactions ensure you can use your funds instantly, anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection

Developed by a passionate and motivated team, driven by a desire for a global, secure & decentralised way of payment

A cryptocurrency with an open-source platform, designed with private and fast transactions in mind


Electrum Gravium Wallet

This is the first electrum light wallet ever made for the X16r algo!

3-step Masternode Installer

Once you have set up your Digital Ocean Account and installed the 3-step mn software, you will simply input a few small details.
Then the installer will run and set it all up your masternode for you.

One Click Miner

Mine Gravium with just one click with your Nvidia or AMD graphic cards.


2018 Q2
  • ✔ Website
  • ✔ Social Media Accounts
  • ✔ Gravium Core
  • ✔ Gravium wallet-qt v.1.0.0
  • ✔ One-Click Miner
  • ✔ Initial Pool Listings
  • ✔ Initial Exchange Listing
  • ✔ Mining / Masternode / Price Tracking Platform Listings
2018 Q3
  • ✔ Whitepaper 1.0
  • ✔ 3-step Masternode Installer
  • ✔ Paper Wallet
  • ✔ First Electrum Wallet for x16r
  • ✔ Second Exchange Listing
  • ✔ Marketing campaign
2018 Q4
  • ✔ Extensive Marketing campaign
  • Wallet UI 2.0 - Beta
  • ✔ Mobile Wallets - Beta for iOS
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Third exchange listing
  • Roadmap v2.0
  • Whitepaper v2.0


We have finalised the Gravium whitepaper and have are proud to release version 1.0. This outlines our initial phase for Gravium and to show our current trajectory. This paper will be updated as we progress through our roadmap and achieve everything we have set out to do. I hope you all enjoy the read of where all of our (the community) hard work has achieved.


Masternodes are a secondary network of nodes so that blockchain can include features such as ‘Instant Send’ and ‘Anonymous Transactions’ as well as increasing the overall security. Gravium requires 1,000GRV collateral to secure a masternode, where it will need to be held on a static IP. The team at Gravium has created one of the easiest installation guides that even a first-timer can set up a masternode quickly and easily.

check out the guide for setup: Masternode Guide

Download Wallet

Download the latest Gravium wallet



Market Cap Info

Masternode Stats Sites

Mining / Masternode Calculator



Why community driven?

People of the crypto world has had their fair share of leaders with questionable motivations. Giving the power to the community is the only way to achieve true decentralisation

Who is the Gravium Team?

Developers, contributors and moderators originating from the community that are stepping up and taking various responsibilities for a brighter future of Gravium.

Who is the community?

Individuals who are fed up with their voices going unheard, now they are gathering to shape their destiny. Working to ensure their efforts and collaboration lead to a brighter future for all

Why x16r?

ASIC’s are compromising the cryptocurrencies by becoming the majority market share. As hashing algorithms fall one by one under ASIC domination x16r provides a long-term safe haven for GPU miners.