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Global Digital Currency Grounding Us Equally Together.
Fast. Secure. Refined.


Vast Network

An integrated network of nodes ensures a safe and effective transfer of funds anywhere, while offering reward to supporters

Intelligent Mining

The latest ASIC resistant x16r algorithm, ensuring Gravium will stay decentralized​. Blocks move at 1 minute for better mining balance and verification speed


Gravium is supported by multiple layers of security including both mining and masternode support​. Each offers decentralized support worldwide

Fast and Global

Send our decentralized currency anywhere without excessived fees or wait times. Our network offers instant send capability to securely confirm transactions worldwide

Steady Development

Our community team based globally offers diverse talent and 24hr monitoring. Aimed to improve ease of use, global accessibility, and provide a robust decentralized way of payment​


A cryptocurrency with an open-source platform, designed with private and fast transactions. This is done using transaction mixing via our masternordes transaction capabilities

Current Services

Gravium Wallet 2.0

Launching soon is what our team has developed as truly innovative and refreshing wallet platform. We felt it was time to modernize storage and use of crypto currency.

The focus of this wallet is to make all functions easier to use and faster! This is an optional wallet to use as an alternative to the legacy wallet, and operates on the robust daemon structure.

Gravium Wallet Legacy

This wallet is a cryptocurrency standard, and all open source code. Legacy will download and operate with full blockchain data stored. The user interface is focused on functionality to have bare essentials. Wallet data file must be securely backed up for recovery. For better speed, usability, features, consider our wallet 2.0!

Gravium Electrum Wallet

Our team developed the first electrum light wallet ever made for the X16r mining algorithm! It uses remote blockchain server data, allowing you to use less resources. In addition to being lightweight and fast, you have the ability to recover your wallet from a secret phrase, stored separately, in case you lose or damage your device.

Easy Masternode Installer

Once you have set up your Digital Ocean Account and installed the 3-step masternode software, you will simply input a few small details. Gravium Wallet 2.0 or Legacy wallet is required to be installed on the computer prior. With proper prerequisites and funds (1000 GRV), the installer will run and set up your masternode. Removing the complexity of normal setup process!

One-Click Mining

Mine Gravium with just one click with your Nvidia or AMD graphic card. Earn rewards paid in GRV coins while supporting the Gravium network! Compound your earned rewards by saving them up to run a full masternode (1000 GRV) or utilize a shared masternode provider, earning more passive income!

Recent News

Our blog offers a way for us to give you detailed updates on many aspects of the project and will give us a chance to introduce new content writers along with give you the most important updates!

Our Mission

We are currently revamping our mission and determining new goals and ambition for Gravium. Until release of 2.0 we offer our founding whitepaper 1.0, outlining our initial design phase for Gravium. This paper will be updated as we outgrow our previous version. Join our social platforms to offer suggestions to improve Gravium together!

Interstellar map

The following items are targeted milestones for Gravium. We operate as a community while we host an elevated and talented operations team to work together to meet targets.

[✅] – Interstellar map (Roadmap) v2.0
[✅] – Develop record keeping system of expenses
[🔴] – Restructure Core Operations Team adding new top tier individuals
[🔴] – Implement Better recurring funding system
[🔴] – Organize a task management system for teams
[🔴] – Whitepaper v2.0

[✅] – Release Wallet v2.0 UI for closed beta
[✅] – Implement beta testing feedback and review
[✅] – Website relaunch with available 2.0 content
[✅] – Official windows wallet v2.0 release
[✅] – Blog Website Setup
[✅] – Mac build wallet v2.0 release
[🔴] – Linux build wallet v2.0 release
[🔴] – Mobile Wallets – Android and Beta for iOS
[🔴] – Support Ticket System
[🔴] – Gravium Blockchain 2.0 development
[🔴] – Gravium Cryptocurrency Exchange

[✅] – Revamp brand awareness with new logo and slogan
[✅] – Create blog site and refresh access to all social to synchronize
[🔴] – Coinmarketcap listing
[🔴] – Third exchange listing
[🔴] – Debit card integration with established provider
[🔴] – Send to Phone carrier number for developing countries
[🔴] – Create content stream system for all platforms
[🔴] – Become a top 500 coin to then restructure for higher level

[✅] – Release of initial wallet 2.0 UI with all improvements to make wallet easier to use
[🔴] – Refreshing and integrating mining tool and master-node setup tool into wallet 2.0
[🔴] – Additional financial analysis tools into wallet
[🔴] – Integrate exchange options into Gravium wallet 2.0
[🔴] – Additional use case discovery system (Join our social to contribute!)

[✅] – Create back-end structure on website for accurate multi-language support of web
[🔴] – Create a moderation team and moderation system for across platforms
[🔴] – Develop back-end support staff for support ticket system
[🔴] – Create a bounty and reward system for community engagement

Innovation Goal Progress

The following items are targeted improvements for Gravium currently In Progress with an estimated progress percentage. Please note these are estimates and are subject to change.

Launch Desktop Wallet UI 2.0
Testing... 95%
Gravium Blockchain 2.0
Planning... 7%
Re-Organization of Gravium Team 2.0
Developing Task Management System... 25%
Website Multi-Language Support
Translating Chinese... 10%

Earn Passive Income

Get involved with the network and earn rewards! You can mine Gravium coins with your computers GPU, join a shared masternode service,  or host a full Masternode server. Take advantage of the many ways to earn!

Mining and masternode hosting helps support the many features and security of our currency network. Gravium requires 1,000GRV collateral to secure a masternode, where it will need to be held on a static IP. Check out our installation guide.

Please also consider our easy setup process using our Easy Masternode Installer, along with our One-Click Mining tools under our service section!

Where to Buy

Gravium is a small market cap coin with large growth potential. Please exercise caution and perform due diligence before purchasing and when using the following third-party services to obtain Gravium.


Below are a series of common questions asked about Gravium

Why community driven?

People of the crypto world has had their fair share of leaders with questionable motivations. Giving the power to the community is the only way to achieve true decentralisation.

Who is the Gravium Community Team?

Developers, contributors and moderators originating from the community that are stepping up and taking various responsibilities for a brighter future of Gravium. Anyone is welcome to contribute if they have a skill to offer.

Who is the community?

Individuals who are fed up with their voices going unheard, now they are gathering to shape their destiny. Working to ensure their efforts and collaboration lead to a brighter future for all.

Why x16r Algorithm?

ASIC’s are compromising the cryptocurrencies by becoming the majority market share. As hashing algorithms fall one by one under ASIC domination x16r provides a long-term safe haven for GPU miners.


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